LEAF & Sowulo Concert

As I drive through the old streets of Wervik and the flatlands of Flanders I think back on tonight’s theater show. Contrary to usual, I’m driving in silence, as I don’t want anything to “contaminate” the sounds that are still resonating in my mind and in my heart.

How can I describe it to someone who wasn’t there? How can I convey the warmth and love that Sowulo brought to the room? How can mere words do justice to the depth and power that LEAF official radiated from the stage?

Although I am often moved by beauty in any form I don’t consider myself an overly emotional man. But tonight I just couldn’t hold back the tears, even if I would have wanted to. Both performances were so full of beauty and love that I feel confident in saying that even Bragi himself would have shed a tear or two.

I want to thank everyone involved in making tonight what it was. I’m certain that I will keep the memory of this night locked in my heart for the rest of my days.
Tusen takk!
Picture by Ilona Vd Jagt-Esveld