When I first saw The SIDH at Keltfest my brain went to words like “party”, “folky fusion” and of course “oh wow!” But now Cliff has done a review of their latest album “Another Way To Fly” and he has added some of his own in-depth vocabulary to it, with words such as “kicks you in the butt”, “layer upon layer” and “well composed, full-on Irish folk tunes”.

The Sidh plays a style of music that is CeltCast in feel, though we can all agree that as a whole it takes us out of our comfort zone a bit 😉 Having always been a rocker and never an enthusiast of electronic music, this is even more so the case with Cliff, now writing a review about a CD he liked, but in a music style he knew nothing about. But Cliff being Cliff he dove in headfirst, doing some very deep historical research into the origins of Dub Step and the background of the Sidh’s musical styles. We can just imagine him sitting hunched over his computer looking up weird and wonderful classics, and judging from the review, slowly falling for a whole other musical style!

The research he did for this review is clearly visible throughout, the investment of time and effort has paid off, and the music has definately gotten to him. In what we can now describe as True Cliff Style this review will draw you in, it will open up a whole new side to the album and the band, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy reading it almost as much as you’ll enjoy dancing to the tunes of the Sidh!

Wait no more and go check out the whole review here .