Kees (intro) To all those who frequent the Dutch and/or German festival scene he’s certainly a familiar face. The black hat, with goggles of course, the grey beard, and let’s not forget, the big black camera bag! We’re obviously talking about Kees Stravers, the photographer of the stars.

Kees has been a fan of CeltCast from the start, and that feeling is certainly mutual. So when Kees contacted us, saying that he would like to contribute some of his work occasionally, we were very excited!

Being not only very good with a camera but also amazing with words, Kees will support CeltCast by providing images as well as reports from the various events he visits!

We are very happy to get such positive feedback and great contributions and we would like to extend a very heartfelt “welcome aboard” to Kees!

Kees’ first contribution is a wonderful report on a concert by the talented Maya Fridman:

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