Our team of beautiful volunteers is ever-expanding in order to bring you all more music and festival experiences! Though
Ilona has been a part of the CeltCast experience from day 1, being married to Alex and thereby also sort of to the station, she has recently decided to become a very active member of the team.

Having viewed our workings from the sidelines for a while, Ilona has become an integral part of our “back office”, so to speak, searching for new music, ripping, converting and uploading new music to our servers, contacting bands, and of course she does a lot of live-streaming, both for the give-aways and on festivals!

We are extremely proud and happy to now officially add her to the team and we would like to extend our most heartfelt <3 welcome! If you want to learn more about her story visit https://celtcast.com/ilona and of course feel free to leave her a message here in the comments!