Monthly Markers April 2024: Spilar/Laguz

Welcome to April! As we embark on a new month, we’re excited to unveil not one, but two Monthly Markers—no April Fool’s joke here! 💚💚

Band No. 1: Spilar 🇧🇪

Album cover: Spilar-Vandaag en alle dagen

Album: Vandaag en alle dagen (released 22 March 2024)
Song: Wa Ga Je Gie Doen

The first time I heard this song was in our car, en route to our cabin nestled in the woods. However, our journey was marred by a distressing event—serious water problems plagued us. Unbeknownst to us, water had been seeping through our cabin for four days, culminating in a flood disaster on a personal level. This song resonates deeply with me as it speaks to the larger-scale implications of such threats posed by water for humanity—where do we turn when faced with such dangers?”

You can find Spilar here:

Band No. 2: Laguz 🇳🇱

Single cover: Laguz-Lunaria

Song: Lunaria (Single released on the 23 February 2024)

Laguz, a Pagan Folk band hailing from The Netherlands, is currently in the process of crafting their debut album. Excitingly, this release marks their fourth single from the upcoming album! The song ‘Lunaria’ invites you to travel the expanse of a desert through the perspective of a wanderer’s quest for an elusive lover not unlike the Moon: always too many steps ahead.

You can find Laguz here:

We’ll play these songs 5 to 6 times a day for a full month on our radio station and of course, they will be in our special CeltCast – Monthly Markers Spotify list! Hopefully, you will love them as much as our team does!

Musical Greetings,

Ilona of The CeltCast Radio Team 🎻

CeltCast Fantasy Awards 2023/24: The Winners!

The Fantasy Awards Party, with a delightful look back at 2023, is now a fond memory. What a splendid gathering it was, filled with familiar faces in the heart of P60 Amstelveen! 🤩

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our visitors. Without your presence and voting, there would be no party, and our cherished tradition of organizing this event would not endure. Our foundation thrives on love and the dedication of volunteers, but let’s face it, parties do come with costs. Your support means the world to us! ❤️

Speaking of volunteers, we cannot express enough appreciation for the incredible efforts put forth by our dedicated team yesterday. We are bursting with pride for our CeltCast family!

A huge round of applause for: 🙏🏼

  • Tycho – Chief Video Team
  • Helen – Video & Socials
  • Berit – Deco & Lovely award assistant
  • Jan – Presenter bands
  • Arjan – Facilitating Networking
  • Linda B – Production with love and care
  • Rosanne – Deco & Merch
  • Mels – Coaching Nominees
  • Ralph – Photographer
  • André – Photographer
  • Christophe – Photographer (P60&CC)
  • Rens – Team Video – Screen images awards
  • Siggi – Deco & Merch
  • Thomas – Photographer & Video
  • Filippe – Video
  • Ruud – Photographer
  • Wendy – Deco & Merch
  • Alex – Facilitating Networking & presenter awards
  • Ilona – Video & Socials

And let’s not forget our fantastic musicians! A standing ovation for Plunder, Exqueezit, and Airboxes for setting the stage ablaze with their incredible performances and the beautiful dancers in front of the stage. 🎶

Lastly, but certainly not least, our sincere thanks to Lotte, Boyd, and the entire P60 team for their warm hospitality and impeccable care throughout the evening.

Here are the results of the 2023 review!
Each award emoji represents the artist who received it.

🏆 Theme Music 🏆

🎤 Best Song

  • Deloraine – Sabat 🏆
  • Faun – Ylfa Spere
  • Go_A – Dumala
  • Irdorath – Zorami
  • Omnia – Only love can tame the demon
  • SKÁLD – Elverhøy
  • Ye Banished Privateers – Mates Together

📀 Best Album

  • Brisinga – Mond Cult
  • Pyrates! – Five Years At Sea
  • SKÁLD – Huldufólk 🏆
  • Sunfire – The Devil’s Drink
  • The Dolmen – Devil’s Crest
  • The Longest Johns – C-Sides
  • Tulua – No Coming No Going

💿 Monthly Marker

(votes by Team CC)

  • 2023-01 Furda – Lisek
  • 2023-02 Willos’ – irish folk music – P Stands for Paddy
  • 2023-03 The Trouble Notes – Liberty Awaits 🏆
  • 2023-04 Legiana Collective – Quand la Lune
  • 2023-05 •FeHu• Pagan Folk – II Viaggio Comincia
  • 2023-06 Breabach – Bróg to the Future
  • 2023-07 The Trials of Cato – Kadisha
  • 2023-08 Datura medieval music – Edi beo thu
  • 2023-09 Tulua Music – Kick the Stick Jigs
  • 2023-10 Totus Gaudeo – Hausdrachentanz
  • 2023-11 Cala – Smirr
  • 2023-12 The Dubliners & The Pogues – The Irish Rover

🏆 Theme Art🏆

🎥 Best Music Video

  • Deloraine – Sabat 🏆
  • FAUN – Ylfa Spere
  • Go_A – Rusalochki
  • Heilung – Anoana LIVE | LIFA Llyn Dain
  • OMNIA – Only Love… Can Tame the Demon
  • Sunfire – Jolene
  • The Longest Johns – Hammer and the Anvil

✒️ Best Cover Art

  • Faun – Ylfa Spere (Single)
  • Go_A – Rusalochki (Single)
  • Irdorath – Zorami (Single)
  • SKÁLD – Huldufólk (Album)
  • Sunfire – The Devil’s Drink (Album) 🏆
  • The Dolmen – Devil’s Crest (Album)
  • Ye Banished Privateers – Mates Together (Single)

🎭 Best Off-Stage Act

  • Abe de Verteller (NL)
  • Beatrice (DE)
  • Greenthingz (NL)
  • House of Wax Entertainment (NL)
  • Medusa’s World (NL) 🏆
  • Sassenachs (NL)
  • Zwaard & Steen (NL)

🏆 Theme Events🏆

🪕 Best Live Act

  • FAUN
  • Go_A
  • Heilung
  • Rapalje 🏆
  • Sunfire
  • Wardruna
  • Ye Banished Privateers

🔮 Best Stand

  • Celtic World 🏆
  • Hannie’s Hakhoning
  • Hollow Moon Art
  • Kürtőskalács (Schoorsteenbrood)
  • Viking Voer
  • Witch & Warrior Crafts
  • Wortel & Cruydt

🏰 Best Event

  • Castlefest (NL) 🏆
  • Eallum (NL)
  • Elfia – Arcen (NL)
  • Fantasy Fest (NL)
  • Fantasy Forest (UK)
  • Middeleeuws Winschoten (NL)
  • Midwinter Fair Archeon (NL)

Dear friends, as we unwind and reflect, we wish you all a joyous continuation of this festive weekend! Here’s to an incredible festival season ahead in 2024! Cheers to more magical moments and unforgettable memories! 🎉


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