Do you know the band Irfan ? No? Then, we advise you to go and listen to them as soon as possible!

Irfan’s music brings you an original electro-acoustic World Fusion influenced by the sacred and folk music traditions of the Balkans, Anatolia, Persia, the Middle East, North Africa and India, as well as by the musical and spiritual heritage of Byzantium, Medieval Europe and the Ancient Mediterranean. Listening to this band will take you on a trip through time and mystic countries so you can dream, move your feet, belly dancing and smile.

And here is a little secret! Not only their music is amazing! The musicians themselves are pretty awesome and very sweet as well. Not to mention, very talented. Their collection of instruments they bring to the stage is impressive and apparently all are needed to make their uniquely beautiful sound.

Come to Castlefest (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to experience this for yourself. Irfan will be on stage these three days so there is no reason on missing out.