We are very blessed to receive all sorts of beautiful music from all over the folk scene to play on our radio station. Of course all this music needs to have a nice home.
At CeltCast HQ, all this music is stored and lovingly treated to a work flow of sorting, digitising and uploading to our servers.
Once Ilona is done with this all, the albums receive a nice home in the music cabinets.

However, lately the old cabinet became full and some albums had no home to go to! As we all agree that one can never have enough good music, a new bigger cabinet was bought.

Once all the albums were organised and placed in their right home, we were happy to find that we now have space left!!! We have room for more music!!!

So, if you are one of those talented musicians/bands in the folk scene and have acoustic celtic, pagan, folk and/or viking music (even if it is only 1 song on an album) and want to be played by CeltCast, feel free to contact us!

CeltCast CD's