Last year’s edition of Festival-Mediaval was a celebration of the first ten years. This year Blaecky and his team are looking forward into the future, as they take their “New Steps” (this year’s theme) into the next evolution of this amazing festival!

Now, what these steps will mean, one should probably ask the organisation. But during the Castlefest Academy Q&A for festival organisers that we hosted, he already gave us a hint that could help us figure out why these steps are green. You see, there he announced that he had requested of all his caterers that they provide at least one organic option each! So following that logic these “New Steps” will lead to a greener future, something that we can obviously only applaud!

And to support that initiative we chose to use that specific element in our festival logo, which also means, you guessed it: our badges for Festival-Mediaval XII will also feature this beautiful concept! So when you see us over in Selb, come get them quick, as we only have a hundred to give away, as usual!

The coming days we will share posts focussed on bands whose performance you will be able to enjoy at the festival and we will try to bring to those who really won’t be able to make it over. Come along as we take our next green steps towards Festival-Mediaval XII and we hope to see you there on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September! ?

Festival Mediaval XII logo