Clannad Irish Band . Is there one band that we play that is less in need of an introduction? All folk music lovers have heard this family of musicians perform their own style of Irish folk, or Celtic New Age music. I would venture to say we have all drifted away to the dreamy sounds of Theme From Harry’s Game. So why do we bring them up now?

As a first installment of our new series we like to call CeltCast Classics Cliff has written a very extensive review of their first three albums, Clannad (1973), Clannad 2 (1975) and Dúlamán (1976). In this review Cliff not only goes deep into the history of the band and the influences of the time, but because of the timeless aspect of their music he is also able to draw comparisons to the bands that we see at festivals nowadays.

Knowing how much time and effort our review team put into this, not only in deeply hearing and feeling the music, but with research, editing, fine tuning etc, we don’t want to give away too much of this masterpiece in a simple post, so we invite you, no, we urge you, do yourself a favour. Grab yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger), sit back in your favourite easy chair, put on some Clannad, and take this deep dive into iconic music together with us!

Find the review here