This guy named Ren from Poland is a very diverse artist! On his YouTube channel, you’ll see that immediately. There are music videos, but also videos about building instruments, “how to play”-tutorials, fireshows, handcraft, etcetera. It’s worth to visit and follow his page!

We are playing three songs of Ren on our radiostation. It’s difficult to put his songs in a category… I don’t even think I can. You’ll hear elements of Pagan Folk, Nordic folk, sounds of the Middle East and other types of Folk music.

My favourite song is “Szczur” because it’s a surprising song, almost a little movie! It’s about an ancient rat… You can find the lyrics below the video on YT, Ren – Szczur:

We’re curious what Ren is going to bring us in the near future!

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast