Gothic & Fantasy Beurs, Rijswijk

Gothic & Fantasy Beurs, Rijswijk

You may have noticed that things have been quiet around CeltCast this past week. Well, that was for good reason.

We have been working hard on all the things that make a radio station. Getting the music all lined up obviously, but also things to do with the website and the stream that we won’t bother you with. 🙂

In the mean time we also went to the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, where we met lots of friendly people. Along with meeting old friends and seeing online friends in real life for the first time, we also met some new, like the people from Miroque. Check out their Facebookpage Miroquesen auf Tour so you can find out where they’ll be and shake their hands and have a lovely chat with them yourself! You’ll be amazed by their in-depth knowledge of the bands, artists, festivals and music!

You can expect a report on the whole event, including the performances by The Royal Spuds, Rastaban, The Dolmen, Cesair and Omnia sometime soon…

…But it’s almost time now! Eight hours to go untill we start our broadcast! We hope to welcome all of you tonight at 18.00 CEST (GMT +2).

Are you as excited as we are? 😀

Who knows? Maybe you’ll hear some of the bands listed above, while you’re there! 😉