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Still looking back at the fun time we had with SeeD Pagan Folk!

Here’s another clip for you to enjoy, with Koen , Lars , Sara and Robin (a.k.a. Tovenaar ) performing “De gnoom, de heks en de boom” which tells us how the “Landgoed” of Kasteel Keukenhof came to be. These beautiful gardens have welcomed every edition of our homebase-festival Castlefest since 2005. <3 For the full stream check this link. And to see a SeeD-made transciption(-ish) check out: https://www.facebook.com/seedmusick/posts/1100181183450866 Remember, there’s also a chance for you to adopt a SeedLing and this transcript can help you find exactly what you need to do for that!

We had the best of times with SeeD Pagan Folk! :-D

Two hours (and then some) flew by as the band members kept on chatting,
your questions kept on coming, as did the drinks, and the crew kept on dancing. <3

Halfway through the phone got a bit overheated,
but luckily we had some spare ones around to also record in HD some of the songs Koen , Lars , Sara and Robin (a.k.a. Tovenaar ) played the lovely evening. 🙂

For the full stream check this link.


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