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Location: Zomerfolk – Day 1 (NL) Band/Artist: The Flask

The Flask

Irish and Scottish folk, with just a pinch of fantasy. Add four enthusiastic musicians, gently shake, do not stir, and out comes a smooth blend of sonic goodness that’ll warm the coldest of hearts! Whether you enjoy carelessly dancing to the music or sitting back to let the sounds and stories flow over you, The Flask will not disappoint!

This band will be the first to perform at Zomerfolk , opening the festival on Saturday at 12:00 CET on the Pub Stage.

The Flask

The Fantasy Fest Rijswijk

Today we kicked off the festival season with the Fantasy Fest Rijswijk , where The Flask , Rapalje Celtic Folk Music and Imbue played.

Sadly we were not able to stream music live on facebook but we did manage to get photographers there and post some short clips on our instagram page

In the coming week we wil share some more pictures. The short vids you can find here: https://www.instagram.com/celtcast/

Tomorrow the Fantasy Fest continues with Vic Anselmo , Plunder and The Dolmen . And maybe we have some live streams from that. If not, join un on Instagram for more short video’s

pic by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

Laurens Krah

Friendly Folk Fest – Celtic Folk met The Royal Spuds & Support: The Flask


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