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Location: Zomerfolk – Day 1 (NL) Band/Artist: The Dolmen – Part 1

The Dolmen

The Celtic folk-rock sounds of The Dolmen are never the same, but always recognisable. This UK based band, driven by their strong cultural heritage and and deep pagan background will always draw the crowd into their performance, whether that is a powerful folk-rock set or a more intimate acoustic journey. A staple of the European festival scene, they are a sight for sore eyes and a sound for folk hearts!

The Dolmen will play the Main Stage at Zomerfolk on Saturday at 15:45 CET, and two sets at the Pub stage on Sunday at 14:00 and 15:30 CET.

The Dolmen

Monthly Marker April 2019: Wouter en de Draak

Wouter en de Draak

OK, so yesterday’s Monthly Marker announcement was a bit of a joke, obviously. It was the first of April, after all. But we do have a new Monthly Marker for you, replacing The Dolmen‘s ‘Black Is The Colour’. And ‘new’ is the key word this month!

You see, this is the month of Elfia and we wanted you all to have a little something to get in the right mood. And what could be better for that than a nice balfolk dance, a cercle in this case. All through April you can hear Wouter en de Draak‘s (FB) ‘New Horizons, New Adventures’ five to six times a day, so you will have no excuse not to dance when they play this song at Kasteel de Haar during the wonderful weekend that is Elfia!

And…one and two and three and turn, and one and two and three and four….

You can find Wouter en de Draak here:

Location: Fantasy Fest Rijswijk (NL) Band/Artist: The Dolmen – Part 2

Location: Fantasy Fest Rijswijk (NL) Band/Artist: The Dolmen – Part 1


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