Zomerfolk 2019 is behind us, as you may have noticed. Now, we could start to look towards next years event, and trust us, we do look forward to it! But…there’s so much more! So much so, that we have to make hard choices which festivals to showcase. There was one festival however that was an easy choice, CeltCast’s first official venture into the UK: Fantasy Forest !

This is a brand new festival, organised by a very experienced group of people, and it will introduce its concept for the first time to England this year! At a gorgeous location, Sudeley Castle in The Cotswolds , they will bring amazing bands to their visitors, like Harmony Glen , PerKelt , The Dolmen and Greenrose Faire . They will organise a market filled with merchants that will cater to all fantasy wishes, and they will even host a costume competition to give people the chance to show off their amazing creations. And that isn’t even the whole of it!

In the coming time we will bring you updates on Fantasy Forest , but right now we are starting with an in depth interview. We had the honour to speak to Martin about organising a festival, about bringing something like this to an area that doesn’t have any experience with it yet. About which bands to book, and how to go about finding a location. And about so much more. If you’ve ever been to a fantasy festival, or you’ve just always been interested in what such an organisation looks like, you can find the interview and pick Martin’s brain at https://celtcast.com/fantasy-forest-interview

Enjoy the read, and hopefully we’ll see you all at this beautiful new event!