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Location: Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival (NL) – Day: 2 Band/Artist: Sunfire – Part: 1

Location: Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival (NL) – Day 1 Band/Artist: Sunfire – Part 1

We cannot skip the beautiful memories of Sunfire

When remembering Castlefest 2018 , we cannot skip the beautiful memories of Sunfire We already knew before the festival started that they would be epic but their Saturday show on the Meadow stage blew epic to the moon and back. Those of our team present remember with awe.

Cliff: this was their most awesome show ever!

Marielle: Man, that was one hell of a solid show! The best I have seen!

Sunfire will be playing at Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival 2018 this weekend!

pics by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

Prepare for Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival

With Castlefest behind us, it is time to prepare for the next festival from which we will bring you livestreams.

On the weekend of the 24th till the 26th a part of our CeltCast team will be traveling to the north of the country to bring you livestreams from Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival !

This amazing festival is giving us a brilliant line up! Bands like The Highland Sell-Outs , The Dolmen , Sunfire , Harmony Glen , Sassenachs , Gwendolyn Snowdon , Comes Vagantes , Pyrolysis and many more it will be an action-packed weekend with very good music!

Middeleeuws Winchoten

Good morning!!

We have woken up to day 3 of Castlefest !!!

Day 2 was nothing short of epic! With bands like Sunfire , The SIDH , EMIAN PaganFolk , Prima Nocta and ThunderCrow we expected nothing less.

However the day was made more epic by all those amazing people who came up to us to chat, to give hugs and be so kind to us! You are all brilliant!!!

Here are some pictures of yesterday’s show. More will follow in the coming weeks and of course of day 3 and day 4!!

Keep an eye on the page for today’s livestreams! Or even better when you are at Castlefest, keep an eye out for our team and come over to say hello!!

Enjoy day 3 of Castlefest!!


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