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Fantasy Forest is over!

We had an amazing weekend here at Sudeley Castle in the Cotswolds!
The music was good (which was to be expected with PerKelt , The Dolmen , Harmony Glen , Inkubus Sukkubus and Greenrose Faire ), the stalls were beautiful and the crew and volunteers were awesome!

A huge thank you to the organisation for being so kind to us. And a huge thank you to the volunteers to making us feel a true part of the team!

Check out our page for our livestream videos, here are a few pictures of the bands playing!

It is a beautiful location!

At CeltCast we have been at many festivals in the fantasy and folk scene, all of them are beautiful. It’s either the beautiful castles of Castlefest and Elfia or the relaxing park at Keltfest and Zomerfolk , or the German hills of Selb for Festival-Mediaval .

But we have to admit, traveling to Fantasy Forest will be epic when it comes to location. The festival is being held at Sudeley Castle & Gardens in the stunning Cotswolds in England. This region marked as an area of outstanding natural beauty for a reason. Just a trip there is already enough to make this team of nature lovers very excited. Throw in a castle, happy people and good bands and you have a team smiling brighter than the sun.

The settlement of the Castle dates back to the Anglo-Saxon time, and has seen it’s fair share of drama, battles and life. However the present castle was built in the 15th century and may have been on the site of a 12th-century castle. The gardens consist out of 9 individual gardens, one more beautiful than the other. It will be a heaven for photographers and cosplayers alike to get a good shoot.

We promise, our team will do our utmost best to bring back videos and pictures of our visit there to truly show the beauty of this festival location!

Sudeley Castle  Sudeley Castle

A new CeltCast button!

Aside from Fantasy Forest having their first edition, and even aside from CeltCast’s first ever venture across the pond, there is one more new thing heading towards the UK…a new CeltCast button!

As regulars of the Dutch festival scene already know, we make a limited number of buttons for each festival we visit, and we hand them out to friends. Some say they are traded for hugs, and obviously hugs are always welcome, but just a bit of enthusiasm will land you one of these highly collectable beauties as well! So if you see us at Sudeley Castle , come say “Hi!”, give us a hug if you are so inclined, and score yourself some awesome accessories. ?

Button Fantasy Forest

Hope to see you all at Fantasy Forest!

As we’ve mentioned before on more than one occasion, in just under three weeks from now CeltCast will take it’s first official trip into the UK, when we head for the first ever edition of Fantasy Forest .

This festival will be held at Sudeley Castle , an amazingly beautiful location that feeds right into the dream that any fantasy festival should be.

Looking at the organisation you would never know that this is their first edition! With an amazing line up and loads of entertainment, combined with a very impressive marketplace, the experience of the individual organisers shines through in every aspect, and we are very honoured to have been invited to join in the celebrations.

Fantasy Forest Banner

Monthly Marker July 2019: Greenrose Faire

Cover: Greenrose Faire-Riders in the Night

As we start the second half of the year it’s also time to introduce the new Monthly Marker! We’re very much looking forward to meeting our friends of Greenrose Faire again at Fantasy Forest at the end of this month, so together with the organisation of this festival we chose one of their songs for the month of July!

We chose ‘Never Walk Alone’ which was released as a single in 2018 and is of course a part of Greenrose Faire’s latest album ‘Riders In The Night’. This upbeat folky dancing song will have you up and about, jumping and spinning in no time, so put on your dancing shoes (or go barefoot with us) and let’s hop our way towards Sudeley Castle!

If you like the song and want more, you can find all of Greenrose Faire’s music on all worldwide streaming platforms, so there’s no reason not to sing along when you finally get to see them on stage!

You can find Greenrose Faire here:


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