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Monthly Marker January 2018: Sunfire

Cover: Sunfire-Sunfire

With the turning of the calendar and the darkest part of the year in retreat we thought it would be a nice time to start sending out some sunshine, or in other words, some Sunfire!

This band released an album called “Sunfire” in 2017 with three bandmembers (Satria (FB), Michel (FB) and Berend (FB)), and has since then expanded to include Sophie (FB), whom we all know and love from Cesair and Shireen. She provides that extra violin twist, completing their awesome energetic sound and stage presence! For our Monthly Marker we chose one of the sunniest songs on the album, Yoyo, which includes guest appearances by both Daphyd Sens (FB) and Rob (FB) of ThunderCrow and OMNIA, of course on didgeridoo and percussion, creating a rhythm line that carries the warmth of the song straight into your soul!

And if you enjoy Sunfire…stay tuned! We’ll have some very, very nice news for you soon!!! 😉


You can find Sunfire here:

Castlefest Winter Edition 2017 – Official is exactly as it sounds.

It is the absolute fest of love, music, brilliant, friends and hugs. Just like the summer version of Castlefest .

The only difference is the weather. It is cold, it can rain, it can snow, but the warmth you get from being at Castlefest again is enough to keep you going.

Yesterday the CeltCast team had an amazing time. We started the day with a Balfolk dance class, followed by performances of Brisinga , twibv , Sunfire , Maya Fridman , Shireen , Sowulo , RASTABAN and closing with The Dolmen .

Needless to say, it was an amazing day!!!
Now we prepare for another day of love, friendship and good music at Castlefest Winter Edition.

Castlefest Winter Edition: Shireen

Shireen at De Kroepoekfabriek, part. 2

Shireen at De Kroepoekfabriek: Release party!



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