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CeltCast Live: Cesair in the livingroom

Another cool live event, and this one will help you all bridge the gap between their awesome show just a few weeks ago with Irfan and their upcoming event on the 2nd of December with EMIAN PaganFolk and SeeD Pagan Folk in Almere.

We are of course talking of the beautiful people of Cesair !

They will be joining us at CeltCast HQ for a live chat, and if you all are nice enough to them maybe even a little live song or two!

So please join us on the 22nd of November, and share in the fun! As always, feel free to leave your questions here, and maybe a request for a song. Who knows… they might play it just for you!


Since it is clearly autumn now the straw hat has retired to storage and the leather “darker-half-of-the-year-hat” has reappeared as lucky hat! And who will it be lucky for? Who will win their very own copy of SeeD Pagan Folk ‘s new album Through the Veil?

(Please imagine a drum roll here)

Congratulations Helen Perry!!!

Please contact us via Private Message with your contact information and we will send you your new CD as soon as possible! We are certain you will enjoy it!

Uitslag SeeD CD

Still looking back at the fun time we had with SeeD Pagan Folk!

Here’s another clip for you to enjoy, with Koen , Lars , Sara and Robin (a.k.a. Tovenaar ) performing “De gnoom, de heks en de boom” which tells us how the “Landgoed” of Kasteel Keukenhof came to be. These beautiful gardens have welcomed every edition of our homebase-festival Castlefest since 2005. <3 For the full stream check this link. And to see a SeeD-made transciption(-ish) check out: https://www.facebook.com/seedmusick/posts/1100181183450866 Remember, there’s also a chance for you to adopt a SeedLing and this transcript can help you find exactly what you need to do for that!

Who wants to win a nice SeeDee?

Just a friendly reminder that you still have a chance to win SeeD Pagan Folk ‘s new SeeDee “Through the Veil”.

Share the video, set to public, on your own timeline and you might just win your own brand new copy of this amazing album!

Be quick about it, as you have untill the 22nd of September, when we will close entry to this give away at 18:00 CET, after which we will draw a lucky winner at random.


We had the best of times with SeeD Pagan Folk! :-D

Two hours (and then some) flew by as the band members kept on chatting,
your questions kept on coming, as did the drinks, and the crew kept on dancing. <3

Halfway through the phone got a bit overheated,
but luckily we had some spare ones around to also record in HD some of the songs Koen , Lars , Sara and Robin (a.k.a. Tovenaar ) played the lovely evening. 🙂

For the full stream check this link.


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