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Monthly Marker August 2022: SeeD Pagan Folk

Cover: SeeD Pagan Folk-FAE

🎶 New month, new Monthly Marker! 🎶

Castlefest is almost upon us and SeeD Pagan Folk will be there with their brand new album and a lot of mascot Seedling friends! Actually, CeltCast HQ will soon have its own Seedling to take along on our travels! So, after having already played you the full album hidden away in our playlists, we couldn’t resist to choose the song ‘Twig‘ as our new Monthly Marker. For the whole month of August, we will play this song five to six times each day! 😍

The new album will be released on the Castlefest grounds on 4th of August and we can tell you: it is out of this world! You NEED to hear it! 🤩

You can find SeeD Pagan Folk here:

The Daily Disc
SeeD – Zonnewende (2020)

Last night, SeeD had a Winter Solstice video release! They launched another song ánd video of their upcoming album. And…, this song is breathtaking! The video makes the picture complete. If you haven’t seen it already, go to YouTube and let these sounds and images come to you. Below the YouTube video (and on Bandcamp ) you can read the translation of the song!
SeeD says: Zonnewende (Solstice) marks the longest night, after which the light will return. The lyrics are a druidic solstice ritual translated from Welsh into Irish.
The song is already in our Spotify CeltCast Radio – Official list and soon we’ll play it on our radio station as well.

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

Monthly Marker July 2020: SeeD Pagan Folk

Cover: SeeD Pagan Folk-Het Vergeten Volk

🎶 New Monthly Marker 🎶SeeD Pagan Folk: “Het Vergeten Volk” (The Forgotten People)

July is usually THE month leading up to Castlefest, but this year, everything is different, as we all well know. Though we could all cry and lament what is “not”…we feel it is more important to make sure “what was and will be” never gets lost. And that is the feeling behind SeeD Pagan Folk’s latest release: “Het Vergeten Volk” (The Forgotten People). 🧝‍♀️

Though the song is about the creatures and legends of old, the feeling of the song definitely applies to the living legend that is Castlefest and the emotions it, and all festivals like it, conjure up in all of us, addicted as we are to the (almost) spiritual high we experience together! 👣👣👣

So come and join us throughout the entire month as we sing the tales of the forgotten people and those not forgotten but dearly missed. “Sing our tale, go and look for us. We will never be lost.” 🥰

You can find SeeD Pagan Folk here:

Monthly Marker March 2020: Priscilla Hernandez

Time for a new Monthly Marker and some special news!

Priscilla Herandez

It’s a new month, so once again, time for a new Monthly Marker!

(And for some special Monthly Marker news! Read to the end!)

In this month of spring, we want to celebrate the returning of vibrant life to the earth, so we went looking for a song that really reflects that feeling. And boy, did we find that in Priscilla Hernandez – Yidneth! Not only does the title of the song we chose, The Waking Of Spring, immediately conjure images of blooming flowers and singing birds, the music and lyrics will transport you to Mother Nature’s reawakening lap. Though this song was released as a single, we strongly recommend you check out her albums as well. The music is beautiful and amazing, but the artwork of the albums is out of this world!

You can find Priscilla Hernandez here:

And now for that special news!

Read more

Hello music lovers!

Also this week, a lot of hard work has been put into setting up the new radio server. And, we have a theme this Monday, namely: “Close to the CeltCast home” ! 17 albums that were created in the Netherlands and by our neighbours from Belgium.

They are all beautiful albums with their own style! The Ambrozijn album (Wim Claeys, Wouter Vandenabeele) dates from 1998 and contains very original songs. I love it! 🎼

The two albums of Rapalje Celtic Folk Music were bought a long time ago in a beautiful wooden box with lovely detailed booklets in it.

For our balfolk fans we have a number of very danceable albums, such as those from Itchy Fingers , Snaarmaarwaar , EmBRUN , , Tweedledum & Tweedledee , Le Vélo Vert and Ambrozijn.

We bought the album of Snaarmaarwaar (together with two others) at a very special festival in Belgium: Celtic Night Geluwe . We still miss that wonderful event. Ann and Marc created this festival every year with heart and soul!

The Harmony Glen “Live in Bremen” album is a recording of a concert in Germany. It is a party to listen to this. Jump, jump!

Two albums of Tjarda , “Fairytale Folk” is one of my favourites! Tjarda has a beautiful voice and the harp she plays, gives a nice “fairy” atmosphere. 🧚‍♀️

And, to stay in the mood of the Fairy tales … the album of Elvya Dulcimer “Untold Stories”, where the front of the album perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the narrative (dulcimer) music.

This week again an album of OMNIA, LEAF ( Kati Rán , Tho Mas , Marijn Sies , Fieke van den Hurk and Chloé Bakker ) and SeeD Pagan Folk , which are, in their own way, very special to our scene.

Are you familiar with these albums? Tell us about your favourites!

Very happy that these beautiful CD’s have been processed:

The Netherlands:
Itchy Fingers – Itchy Fingers (2014)
Tjarda – Fairytale Folk (2016)
Tjarda – Wolf Child (2015)
SeeD Pagan Folk – Ling (EP) (2014)
Rapalje Celtic Folk Music – Into Folk (1998)
Rapalje – Alesia (2001)
Harmony Glen – Live in Bremen (2016)
L.E.A.F. – Lark, Elk and Fable (2012)
OMNIA – Wolf Love (2010)
– Squirrels Stash (2015)
Tweedledum and Tweedledee – Gyre and Gimble (2015)

Elvya Dulcimer – Untold Stories (2015)
Ambrozijn – Ambrozijn (1998)
Azimut – Onze Demo (2016)
EmBRUN – EmBRUN (2006)
Snaarmaarwaar – Snaarmaarwaar (2013)
Le Vélo Vert – Le Velo Vert (2007)

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

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