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Happy Monday morning!

Another weekend has come and gone. and what an amazing weekend we had!

A part of the team visited the Autumn Moon festival, of which we will share pictures really soon. While another part went to see Irfan + Cesair in Poppodium De Peppel !

Video’s of both festivals can be seen here :

Below some pictures of Irfan and Cesair at the Poppodium de Peppel by Ruben Meuwese



The revelation of the festival season 2018 is returning to Castlefest!!!

Last year at Keltfest we were introduced to The SIDH from Italy. And it was a party! Everybody had a great time dancing to their combination of highly contemporary and electronic Celtic music! This party we got to redo 3 times at Castlefest 2018.

This year these friendly Italians will be returning to the Castlefest stages on the Thursday and Friday!!!

And that’s not all!!! The SIDH with also sit down on the Castlefest Academy sofa with CeltCast and let you ask them all sorts of questions!!

Check out the Castlefest website for details!!

Pics by Ruben Meuwese


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