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SeeD, the Faerie and Pagan folk band for Holland

The Faerie and Pagan folk band for Holland of this moment is, SeeD Pagan Folk . These friendly and talented musicians ( Koen , Sara , Robin and Lars ) write their own music. They draw inspiration from anything magical, including Castlefest and the fields of the Keukenhof that houses this beautiful festival.

With the songs of SeeD, you are taken into the mysterious world of the Ancient Fae, the modern world of dreams and passions in life. As these four musicians travel from festival to festival they tell the tales of the Faerie realms and make the audience dance like goblins!

All in all, there is a little awesome madness to this band that makes everybody smile, dance and feel happy. Even a bunch of crazy monks! ? So, wanna dance like a goblin as well? Want to lose yourself in the stories of the Fae with the tunes from SeeD? Want to feel happy and smile like the Cheshire Cat? Come to Castlefest! SeeD plays on Thursday and Saturday.

Pics by Cliff de Booy Concert Photography and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

We are counting down towards our next live event!!

In two days time we will be doing a live stream with The Royal Spuds to ask them all we want to know about their new single “A man” and so much more.

However, not only are we going to ask our questions, we are also going to give you the opportunity to ask your burning questions for Maarten , Dave , Micky , Robin , Mark and Milan !!

To make this even more special Dave and Micky have something special prepared to give to the person who asks the question the Spuds liked the best.

As they are working so hard to make these special giveaways, we thought we share a little preview!!

For details on how to win this, go to the event page CeltCast live: The Royal Spuds – Q&A and check out our posts in the discussion section. You will also find a short vid on how one of these gifts was made!!

Tune in on Thursday the 8th at 20.30h to see the interview, the questions asked and some live music!!!

The Royal SpudsThe Royal Spuds

Still looking back at the fun time we had with SeeD Pagan Folk!

Here’s another clip for you to enjoy, with Koen , Lars , Sara and Robin (a.k.a. Tovenaar ) performing “De gnoom, de heks en de boom” which tells us how the “Landgoed” of Kasteel Keukenhof came to be. These beautiful gardens have welcomed every edition of our homebase-festival Castlefest since 2005. <3 For the full stream check this link. And to see a SeeD-made transciption(-ish) check out: https://www.facebook.com/seedmusick/posts/1100181183450866 Remember, there’s also a chance for you to adopt a SeedLing and this transcript can help you find exactly what you need to do for that!

We had the best of times with SeeD Pagan Folk! :-D

Two hours (and then some) flew by as the band members kept on chatting,
your questions kept on coming, as did the drinks, and the crew kept on dancing. <3

Halfway through the phone got a bit overheated,
but luckily we had some spare ones around to also record in HD some of the songs Koen , Lars , Sara and Robin (a.k.a. Tovenaar ) played the lovely evening. 🙂

For the full stream check this link.

Who’s interested in a special treat? :-D

On Friday September 8 the awesome people of SeeD Pagan Folk will be joining CeltCast in the livingroom of Alex & Ilona for a very special event!
Are there any questions you really want to ask them? Now is the time, because we will be doing a live interview! Any special requests? Ask, and maybe ye shall receive, as Koen , Lars , Robin and Sara will be playing some tunes right there!
Looking for SeeD goodies? Be there online, because you might win a brand new SeeDee, or you could maybe adopt a Seed Ling !
All in all an event you don’t want to miss, and why should you, because you can join in for free from the comfort of your own home!

See(D) you all there, lovely people!!!

SeeD in the livingroom with CeltCast


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