When we found out that the origins of Waldkauz are firmly connected with Castlefest , that Nina and Niklas met Gina , Peter and Lennart there, which in turn was the foundation for the band as we now know it ànd that they were going to close the festivities on the camping stage, it was clear that only one band could be reviewed before we all go to Lisse and Castlefest opens it’s gates again. https://www.facebook.com/events/1952749701424568/

Cliff: When i suggested to do a review of Waldkauz’ album Mythos, the reactions within the CeltCast team were unanimous: – ‘Yes do them first.” – “I second that.” – “You will love the info booklet!” – “Cool! They are such nice people. Well deserved”.

So, the mission was clear. We hope you enjoy the fruit of Cliff’s labour!

You can find the review here .