Cover: Lůn-Chamanes


Hello June! 🌞🌝 We may be one day late announcing this, but we actually couldn’t wait to tell the world about our new Monthly Marker!

It is… Lůn with their song Sedna! 🌊

This French (Paris) music project launched its first EP ‘Chamanes’ last February. Its eponymous title ‘Chamanes’ honours all women: it recalls sacred feminine reconnection to nature and its cycles. This album mixes neofolk, world, neoclassic and shamanic music. As CeltCast, we can assure you… it’s a truly amazing album! 😍

The song ‘Sedna’ is about the ocean’s goddess in Inuit legends. In our mind’s eye, we see a full crowd enjoying this song at one (or more) of our favourite festivals, captured by these intense sounds and lots of lights and fire… that would be sensational! 🔥

You will hear this song on our radio station five to six times a day for the whole month. Enjoy! 🤩

  • Mayline Gautié: composition, lyrics, violins, voices
  • Raphaël Verguin: cello

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 🎻

You can find Lůn here: