It is the first of July! So that means….a NEW Monthly Marker! And this one is just as beautiful as they always are!

Recently, we received the beautiful new album of Linde Nijland called: “Ten Years”. It contains 12 songs, mostly written by Linde herself. The song we have voted Monthly Marker and which we are going to play five to six times a day will be: As I Lay Here In My Silence. With the Dutch festival Castlefest in our mind, this was THE song to choose! Listen to the lyrics and you will feel the wicker send his strength.

This is not a party song. The whole album is filled with beautiful little stories as a matter of fact. They are all lovely ballads where life and nature are never far away. So, enjoy Linde’s beautifully clear voice, guitar, and compositions. The whole record is well worth it in our opinion.

The album contains a booklet with fourteen pages, including photographs, the lyrics of all the songs recorded, and sweet little drawings.

People who contributed to the album, (besides Linde herself), are: Bert Ridderbos, Gilbert Terpstra, Joost van Es and Kirsty McGee.

Album design & illustrations: Sam Chegini of Sam Pictures Productions.

Photography: Kirsty Mc Gee and Bert Ridderbos

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast 🎻

You can find Linde here: