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We are taking a step back to the year 2016, Perkelt at Castlefest

This throwback Thursday we are taking a step back to the year 2016 when PerKelt played at Castlefest for the first time. Perkelt plays Celtic Medieval Speed Folk. And when they say “Speed” they mean fast, really fast!!! It is impressive. The energy this band shows is almost unrivalled.

Besides being awesome musicians they are also very sweet and so kind! From the big smiling David , the humbly laughing Štěpán to the ever lovely Paya , it is clear that they really enjoy being on stage and at festivals.

It is really awesome to see them back again this year at Castlefest. Come dance with us to their tunes on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Pics by Kees Stravers

About FAUN

FAUN is one of the world’s leading bands in the fusion of old sounds, medieval, celtic and nordic folk with modern music. With their very special sound they know how to make you feel like you are standing in front of a gate between world and you’ll just dance through it. They were nominated three times for the “Echo”, (Germany’s largest music award and their albums have done really well in the German charts. Needless to say, FAUN is big in Germany. Their last two albums were found in the top 10 of the German music charts.

FAUN has done many different shows, like e.g. seated concerts for theatres and classical venues, (FAUN ACOUSTIC) but also with a powerful festival set, with big drums and a mesmerizing light show for big festivals and events. You can often find them on the MPS in Germany where they always manage to put down an awesome show. If you want to see them play live in Holland, go to Castlefest !!! They will be playing there on the Saturday!

Pics by Kees Stravers


The CeltCast team has been waking up with a smile on our face!

What an amazing day we had yesterday in the kingdom of Elfia ! It was sunny, it was warm, it was loud, it was busy, it ws friendship, it was love, it was a party! What more could we have wished for as an amazing opener of the outdoor festival season? Nothing really.

They kicked off the morning with a nice little bit of Symphonic Metal by Cathubodua to wake us all up properly. Followed by the party tunes of Mumfords Calling , Sunfire and Greenrose Faire to match the relaxing atmosphere of the festival. To make the party complete, Ye Banished Privateers and The Spleen Orchestra – Tim Burton Show killed it on the main stage, while Plunder (with some stage crashing from half the Pyrolysis crew) threw a party on the Medieval stage!

There were balfolk sessions to teach people how to dance, there was a stage specifically designed for balfolk tunes and in another area of the fields, Sassenachs introduced the many visitors to bagpipes and drums.

The market was huge, the models and cosplays amazing! Most importantly it was fun to be in the Kingdom of Elfia… And the best thing? We are going to do it all over again today!

So see you at Kasteel de Haar !

Pic credits: Kees Stravers and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

We celebrated the Bastaard Fantasy Awards last night!

Well, 2017 is now truly and well behind us. Just one week before we kick off the festival season with the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs , we celebrated the Bastaard Fantasy Awards ’17-’18 last night at the Muziekhuis in Leiden.

And what an amazing celebration of 2017 is was!
Not only did this evening give us the chance to hug many many friends and have chat while enjoying a good glass of “whatever drink” was preferred and enjoy really good music by Pyrolysis , SeeD Pagan Folk , Prima Nocta and Harmony Glen .

Most importantly, there were also some awards to hand out!!

While we are all about the music and the festivals, for us as a CeltCast team, the category “Best Photo” was really special. We had two of our photographers on the short-list to win this award!

We are most happy to let you all know that our Kees Stravers has won the Award for “Best Photo 2017” with his awesome picture of Heilung ! Huge congratulations to Kees! This is really well earned and an recognition for all your hard work!!

Of course there were many more awards to hand out!! The “Best Live Act” awards went to Heilung (International) and Prima Nocta (Netherlands/Belgium). The award for “Best Album” went to Ye Banished Privateers with their new album: First Night Back in Port.

The absolutely brilliant Keltfest won the award for “Best Festival”! No festivals without the market. So new this year was the award for “Best Stand”, which was won by Wilmy ‘s Pagan Ways .

Besides good music and a market festivals have so much more to offer. This was shown in the last two awards. “Best Entertainment” was won by Kening Striid (Historic Medieval Battle) and the “Best Book” in 2017 was written by Sophia Drenth :Bloedwetten 2 – Verlossing.

To all winners, huge congratulations from CeltCast. To all those who didn’t win, you were nominated and on the short list, that’s already awesome!

We hope to see you all this coming festival season!!

Good morning!!!

Day 1 of Castlefest is behind us and left us with great many beautiful memories.

Just being at a great festival with all these special people makes it beautiful but to hear some of the best bands in the scene play to great success was enough to bring tears of joy.

We were there when Emian PaganFolk had a full field enjoying their tunes. Cesair and Cuélebre had people dancing to their new songs like their life depended on it.

Plunder woke up the whole festival with their best gig ever. RASTABAN had people stop and listen to each tune they played with big smiles on their faces.

And while it’s not strictly CeltCast music, Mutefish did deliver a very good set of powerful Folk Mash, all dressed in Sombrero’s.

All in all, it was a great day, we are very much looking forward to today.

We share a few pictures of yesterday. These are all taken by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography . Our very own Kees Stravers did take a lot of pictures as well. We hope to share them soon with you as well.


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