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Árstíðir, an Icelandic group

Árstíðir is an Icelandic group formed in 2008, though many of you will probably know them from a video that went pretty viral in 2013 of them singing Heyr Himna Smiður in a trainstation in Germany. (If you don’t yet know the video we definately suggest you find it on Youtube!)

Since their formation they have released four albums filled with their special blend of classical influences and pop feel. Their music is very hard to put into any category, but words like “ethereal”, “impressive” and “harmonious” certainly fit the bill.

They wooed the crowd of Castlefest last year with their amazing vocal harmonies and we’re certain they will be another highlight this year with their performance on Castlefest’s Forest Stage Saturday the 4th of August!

Pics by Kees Stravers

We always love to go see Gwendolyn Snowdon

This beautiful lady with an angel’s voice has been a CeltCast live-stream guest quite a few times. Either at a festival or in a small intimate setting, we always love to go see Gwendolyn Snowdon play live. And if going to see her live isn’t possible we enjoy just sitting down and listen to her beautiful album ‘Three Strand Braid’.

Besides being a talented musician and singer, Gwendolyn is just the sweetest personality. It is always nice to have a chat and hug with her. Not to mention that she was an awesome guest during her visit to our CeltCast living room!

So needless to say, we are very very happy to see Gwendolyn again at Castlefest ! Gwendolyn will be playing on the Meadow Stage on Friday and Sunday.

Pics by Kees Stravers and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

We have to admit, The Dolmen live on stage is epic.

We have to admit, The Dolmen live on stage is epic. No matter the situation, time of year or venue, these guys and girls know how to make it huge. They know how to make you feel like you are one with the earth, the festival and the people around you. They know how to make you let loose and go wild.

This epic feeling lingers as we think of last year’s Castlefest . Both during the summer and winter edition, The Dolmen, with their Celtic rock made it more than special.
During the summer version of Castlefest they made us rock on pagan sounds, pirate songs and good old true guitar solos. And while this was also true at the winter edition, it was the yule rituals of 2016 and 2017 performed by singer Taloch , that made it all the more special.

So today we are throwing you back to these three festivals and make you remember how awesome these shows were.

And if you cannot remember, or wasn’t there, you can play a little catch up this coming Castlefest. The Dolmen will be rocking the stage Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Pics by Kees , Cliff de Booy Concert Photography and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

This band, surely deserves a place in the spotlight

This band, surely one of the discoveries of 2018 deserves a place in the spotlight. As the CeltCast team, we were all very impressed when we saw and heard them for the first time live at Keltfest this year. The SIDH , a young and innovative band from Italy, makes a type of music rarely heard at the festivals in Holland. It is a combination of contemporary and electronic Celtic music, made with whistles and bagpipes, keyboards and percussion, Hip Hop and Dubstep beats. It feels like you are taking a trip into the Folk music of the 22nd century.

And we can safely say that we want to hear much, much more of this music at the festivals.

At Keltfest, The SIDH, created a party like no other and naturally, we cannot wait until they will hit the stage three times at Castlefest ! On Friday, Saturday (camping only) and Sunday the party will be at the Fested Castle!

Pics by Kees Stravers and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography


It is insane how fast this band is going.

It is insane how fast this band is going. It was just the first half of 2017 when Sunfire played their first live shows. Now, a year later they play at so many festivals in Holland and internationally that you just cannot go to a festival without seeing this awesome band on stage.

With their mix of americana, blues, roots and fiddle folk, Sunfire’s Satria , Berend , Sophie , and Michel are putting down a solid sound of Western folk. The tunes are catchy and stick in your heard forever while the energy on stage will make you want to party. A deathly combination for every music lover in the world. You’ll get addicted.

Normally, watching a band like this should come with a warning: “Be aware, you’ll be likely to dance, sing along and you won’t get it out of your head!” However, right now, all we can say is, come to see Sunfire live!!!

Sunfire is playing tonight at the Zeeheldenfestival in The Hague, but that’s only one show. After you have seen them there, you can come to Castlefest and see them on the Friday and Saturday again!

Pics by Cliff de Booy Concert Photography , Kees Stravers and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography


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