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The slogan of Castlefest is “where fantasy becomes your reality” and oh, how true this is.

Just four years ago two guys had a dream, to start a radio station based on the music and atmosphere that we all know and love from festivals like Castlefest. To be able to spread the love and happiness that is so omnipresent at these events as far and wide as possible. Remember, love multiplies, so it can never be spread too thin! After a growth of our reach and our team, exponentially, or some might even call it explosive, this year we brought the biggest group ever of CeltCasters to Castlefest, which meant that we were able to do so many beautiful things like livestreams, but also recording video, taking amazing pictures, and as some of you may have already seen, our very own Alex was part of the presenting team of Castlefest TV! We are really blessed to have such an amazing team of people that want to share in that dream! Together we are definitely making that fantasy become our reality. Thank you so much, and as they say: GO TEAM!

However, as is usually the case in nature and life, there is balance. Light has no meaning without dark, and the turning of a leaf can create more life. And such is the way in a beautiful team like this as well. At the end of this festival it was decided that the very well known Kees Stravers will no longer be a part of the team. This decision was made in harmony and mutual agreement, as we are all convinced this is the best way for all of us to move forward.

Kees, you will always have a place in our hearts and will forever be our friend. We love you and wish you the best in all your future endeavours!

We would like to ask everyone reading this to give Kees a warm round of applause, as CeltCast would not be where it is today without him! ?

The team and Kees

Coppelius with their brilliant show of theatre, rock and folk

It’s been 2 years since Coppelius graced us with their brilliant show of theatre, rock and folk at Castlefest .
In 2016, when the organizers of Castlefest rightfully thought it would be awesome to have an extra evening of this blissful festival, they made it happen by having Coppelius as one of the opening acts. It’s save to say, it was a brilliant idea! Both that extra evening of Castlefest and having Coppelius on stage!

Now this crazy band with their own on-stage Butler will be returning to do another openings show at Castlefest and to top the awesomeness off completely one more show on the Friday evening! So, we get to see this incredible band twice!

pictures by Kees Stravers and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

The ThunderCrow project

The brainchild of Rob van Barschot and Daphyd Sens has been featured on this page quite a few times. This hypnotic mix of Didgeridoo and Drums, will give you, Bass, World, Reggae, Psy-Trance, Chill out Music and so much more.

It is suitably named “Hybrid World Beats” by the musicians themselves. Stories of people having been at one of their gigs all confirm the same, it’s for those who do not know what to expect surprising in a very good way and for those who do know the sound, always so incredibly good to be there and experience it.

As that is what Rob and Daphyd create with their ThunderCrow project, an amazing experience of sound. And most importantly, they do this all over the world!!! They even travel to the US to give shows at Faerieworlds Events !

But first they are going to play at Castlefest . On the Friday night, they are making a special appearance for the camping guests.

pics by Kees Stravers

Kaunan, the medieval/norse folkband

Kaunan , the medieval/norse folkband that plays all the hottest hits of the medieval period is a German/Swedish/Austrian band formed by Oliver S. Tyr , Göran Hallmarken and Boris Koller .

We first encountered them at the Midwinter Fair Archeon where we immediately fell in love with their whole personality on stage and their approach to the music.

Last year they released their first album “Forn” of which we immediately used the amazing song “Vallåt” (featuring Einar Selvik and Maria Franz as vocals) as our Monthly Marker!

All performances at Castlefest are worth watching, but this one on the Village Stage on Friday is certainly high on the wishlist of many of the CeltCast Family, so we do recommend it to everyone there!

Pics by Kees Stravers

The Moon and the Nightspirit has steadily been growing

Coming originally from Hungary, The Moon and the Nightspirit has steadily been growing to a well known pagan folk band ever since 2003.

While listening to the beautiful tunes of this duo, you are taken into a green world of an ageless moss-grown forest, sylvan realms, where they weave a web where threads of ancient mysticism, dreamy atmospheres, and a place for pagans to feel at home. It takes you on a journey that will have your feet move and your face pulled up in a smile.

When live on stage Ágnes and Mihály are supported by two more brilliant musicians Gergely Cseh (bass) and Végh Gábor (percussions) to make their unique sound even more full of live and power.

Come and experience this with us at Castlefest in 1.5 weeks time!!! The Moon and the Nightspirit will play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

pics by Kees Stravers and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography


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