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Happy birthday Helen!

Some of our team you see at every festival, some are more the people behind the scenes. Our Helen is actually a bit of both!

As a part of our stream-team she helps out when we have too few hands to bring you all streams from the festivals.
However Helen’s work doesn’t stop there, this awesome lady is also responsible for keeping our website up to date and beautifully maintained!

So join us in wishing this essential member of our team a very happy and blessed birthday!!!



With our ever growing team of hard working volunteers CeltCast is probably the richest radiostation in the world, and we have just become a bit richer!

Charged with keeping our website up to date with for instance all our live-streamed videos, we proudly present: Helen!

Almost born into the scene, Helen is one of the daughters of Alex and Ilona , so she grew up fully immersed in the music. When she had to do social work for school, a sort of internship, she chose to dedicate that time to CeltCast and well, we’ve just never let her leave after that, so she is now an integral part of the team!

Read her story at this link .



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