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With Heilung they have one of the most popular acts!

Festival-Mediaval wouldn’t be Mediaval if they didn’t have some spectacular shows. With Heilung on Saturday they have one of the most popular acts in the scene at the moment!

The whole team is really really really excited to see this ensemble of brilliant musicians, many of which are good friends!

See you at Festival-Mediaval next week!!!

– Pics by Spiegelwelten Photography



CeltCast is spreading its wings!

This year we will be traveling quite a bit! In April we were already at the Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum in Dortmund, in July we will travel to the UK for Fantasy Forest , and then, after we had many amazing summer festivals in Holland, we will go to Germany again!

Besides our plans to visit Festival-Mediaval again in September, on the 18th to the 20th of October our photographers will be visiting our friends of Irfan , Heilung and Ye Banished Privateers at the Autumn Moon Festival 2019 in Hameln!

This festival is new for CeltCast but we couldn’t pass up the chance to see these awesome bands and maybe scout for some new music while there!!

We really ook forward to be at Autumn Moon and experience this festival, who will we be seeing there?

Autumn Moon

Introducing Throwback Thursdays

And today we are throwing you back to one of the most amazing shows of last summer. Back when Heilung made a whole field of festival goers cheer, gasp and quiver in awe. Except for Kees , our award winning photographer took his moment, stayed sharp and shot these amazing pictures. Needless to say, we wouldn’t mind having Heilung back at Castlefest this year!

PS: we are very proud of Kees, he just got one of his amazing Heilung pictures published in REVOLVER Magazine !!!


We celebrated the Bastaard Fantasy Awards last night!

Well, 2017 is now truly and well behind us. Just one week before we kick off the festival season with the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs , we celebrated the Bastaard Fantasy Awards ’17-’18 last night at the Muziekhuis in Leiden.

And what an amazing celebration of 2017 is was!
Not only did this evening give us the chance to hug many many friends and have chat while enjoying a good glass of “whatever drink” was preferred and enjoy really good music by Pyrolysis , SeeD Pagan Folk , Prima Nocta and Harmony Glen .

Most importantly, there were also some awards to hand out!!

While we are all about the music and the festivals, for us as a CeltCast team, the category “Best Photo” was really special. We had two of our photographers on the short-list to win this award!

We are most happy to let you all know that our Kees Stravers has won the Award for “Best Photo 2017” with his awesome picture of Heilung ! Huge congratulations to Kees! This is really well earned and an recognition for all your hard work!!

Of course there were many more awards to hand out!! The “Best Live Act” awards went to Heilung (International) and Prima Nocta (Netherlands/Belgium). The award for “Best Album” went to Ye Banished Privateers with their new album: First Night Back in Port.

The absolutely brilliant Keltfest won the award for “Best Festival”! No festivals without the market. So new this year was the award for “Best Stand”, which was won by Wilmy ‘s Pagan Ways .

Besides good music and a market festivals have so much more to offer. This was shown in the last two awards. “Best Entertainment” was won by Kening Striid (Historic Medieval Battle) and the “Best Book” in 2017 was written by Sophia Drenth :Bloedwetten 2 – Verlossing.

To all winners, huge congratulations from CeltCast. To all those who didn’t win, you were nominated and on the short list, that’s already awesome!

We hope to see you all this coming festival season!!

Monthly Marker February 2018: Kaunan


Thank you Sunfire, for a great meet-up in the CeltCast livingroom, and for providing us with a beautiful and energetic “Yoyo” for a Monthly Marker this past month. But January is now behind us, so it’s time for a new song in the spotlights!

February’s Monthly Marker is an amazing song by Kaunan, in which a beautiful duet is sung by guest singers Maria Franz (FB) (Euzen, Songleikr, Heilung (FB)) and Einar Selvik (FB) (Wardruna). The song is about a couple that have just had a new baby. The mother is working the hay while the father is at the farm, when she calls out to him to ask if the baby is still alive. Spoiler alert, yes, the child lives!

We hope you enjoy this moving song as much as we do, as we play it five to six times a day, every day, throughout the month!

You can find Kaunan here:


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