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Festival Mediaval 2023

Dieses Mal einen ganz lieben Gruß an unsere deutschen Freunde: Das CeltCast-Team kommt zu Festival Mediaval 2023 in Selb! Und wir haben natürlich auch Buttons dabei – wenn Ihr uns trefft, sagt hallo und Ihr könnt einen bekommen!

This time, heartfelt regards to our German friends: the CeltCast-team is coming to Festival Mediaval 2023 in Selb! And of course, we will have buttons with us, so when you meet us, say hello and get one!

Monthly Marker December 2019: ORO

Cover: ORO-Rompi! Rompi!

These may be the darker days of the year, but that won’t stop us from shining a light on some amazing music. Last month we were honored to bring you a beautiful recording by Mojra singing a gorgeous traditional, this month we would like to introduce you all to some other friends of the station that we made over these past years, the incredible musicians of ORO – Music from the wild, wild East. Jovana, Jovanke is also a traditional, but this time one from the Macedonian region. As is so often the case with these beautiful old songs that have withstood the test of time, it is because the subject of the song is equally timeless, two young lovers separated from each other by disapproving parents. It is this emotion, unattainable love, so well known by many, that is beautifully conveyed by the talented artists of ORO. We hope you will love this song just as much as the lovers in it love each other!

You can find ORO here:

Hello music lovers!

It’s unimaginable, but it is already Monday and again we have 12 beautiful albums for you to show. So… soon to be heard on our renewed radio station!

We start with a few new albums: during Elfia Arcen we acquired no less than three albums of The Trouble Notes from Berlin. I’m going to jump on only hearing their name! What a talented violin player Bennet Cerven is, what a lot of energy! On a tough day, this music immediately makes you smile again! Love it! <3

Friendly Folk Promotion gave us another album made in this year, called “Welcome Autumn” from the band Scarecrow Jack . A folk-rock band from the Ohio Valley. Pirates, this one is for you! 🦜

Yesterday, Hans Elzinga had his album release party in Leiden (NL) for his CD Introspective. An album that guarantees a very relaxing afternoon on the couch with, of course, incense (name of the first song) on. Not as much an album with pure folk music, more world music, recorded at Dearworld Studio by Fieke van der Hurk. 🧘‍♀️

Last week the Witchcraft (2018) album of Trobar de Morte fell on the CeltCast doormat … Wow, I am very impressed by this album! There is no “best” song. The entire album is one beautiful story, like watching a movie with your eyes closed. I’m in love! <3

We obtained the CanzonettaTedesca album ( GoldenCore Records ) during Festival-Mediaval in Selb, last September. With this album we go back to the German Middle Ages. During this festival we also made live streams of this band. If you want, you can look back these streams by checking our videos. Offline material will follow later on YouTube.

And then we also show seven older ones. All beauties with their own style. The Moon and the Nightspirit copy even is a double album! 😍

Very happy that these beautiful CDs have been processed: The Trouble Notes – Super Bloom (2019)
Scarecrow Jack – Welcome Autumn (2019)
Hans Elzinga – Introspective (2019)
Trobar de Morte – Witchcraft (2018)
Canzonetta Tedesca – Sing Mein Goldner Hahn (2016)
OMNIA – Pagan Folk (2006)
Asynje – Faerd (2014)
The Moon and the Nightspirit – Mohalepte (2011)
The Moon and the Night Spirit – Mohalepte Bonus (2014)
Poeta Magica – Saga (2014)
Kayleigh – The Dolmen (2015)
FAUN – Renaissance (2005)

Musical greetings, Ilona CeltCast

The New CD's

The most anticipated act for us

One of the most anticipated act for us at Autumn Moon Festival 2019 is Heilung .

We have seen them this year at Festival-Mediaval and cannot wait to experience this overwhelming and beautiful concert again.


Milestone Monday!

Slowly but steadily all of our team members are reporting that they have arrived home from Festival – Mediaval . It was, as always, an amazing experience! Connecting with old friends, making new ones, finding new music to play, and all in all having a blast while doing that! The organisation of this festival always manages to make us all feel like family! But in the end we do all that we do to bring you the music that we so love. You, the listener, are very much at the heart of CeltCast and we love you for it! And you know what, you all seem to appreciate the effort, as we continuously see the numbers that make up our statistics rise! One such number is the amount of page likes, the number of people we can quickly reach, the people that want to be kept up to date of everything we do. And today, as we were all driving to our homes, this number reached a milestone again. Today we hit 7000 likes! It is impossible to thank all of you individually, but through this post we do want you to know that we love you, and we love having you around! Thank you for enjoying the music and thank you all so much for being a part of our CeltCast Family, because without you guys enjoying, liking and sharing our posts we would definately not be where we are today!


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