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The itch is back in full force!

After the Fantasy Awards 18/19 and Fantasy Fest Rijswijk the itch is back in full force!

We are so very excited for the festival season 2019 to arrive. We are bouncing with energy and happiness to know that it is just around the corner.

Before we know it, spring will arrive and the outdoor festivals will start! and of course, we all hope to see you all there.

If you aren’t able to be there; we will try to bring you as much of these festivals as possible through our livestreams and pictures. Pic by Cliff de Booy Concert Photography

Looking forward to the summer festivals! See you there!

Monthly Marker March 2019: The Dolmen

Cover: The Dolmen-Wytches & Cunnigfolk

As you may have noticed we’ve been quite busy bringing you updates and videos from the Fantasy Awards 18/19 (FB) this Friday, which is why we’re a bit late announcing the new Monthly Marker. A very perceptive listener may have noticed that we did actually program it into the the stream from the first of the month!

However, speaking of those Awards, it was awesome to see that our chosen band for this month’s marker, The Dolmen, was very successful this Friday, winning not only in the category ‘Best Live Act International’ but also ‘Best Album’ with ‘Wytches & Cunningfolk’ and it is from this album that we chose the song ‘Black is the Colour’ to highlight throughout March.

Taloch (FB) sings this Scottish traditional in his typical deep and raw voice, giving it a genuine and very emotional quality. The song, sounding very subdued, but in a good way, guides the listener through the feelings of the author (or singer) and transports you to the banks of the Clyde. The addition of the rest of the vocals nearing the end of the song lets you know that this is a feeling shared through time and space with anyone who has ever felt a love like this.

We will play this song throughout the month of March five to six times a day in our stream and if you only love it half as much as we do, we’re certain you’ll enjoy it immensely!

You can find The Dolmen here:

Location: Fantasy Awards 18/19 (NL) Band/Artist: Plunder

Location: Fantasy Awards 18/19 (NL) Band/Artist: Datura medieval music – Part 2

Location: Fantasy Awards 18/19 (NL) Band/Artist: Datura medieval music – Part 1


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