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Castlefest Aftermovie

As we are working on the final video playlist of Castlefest Day 4, we present the ultimate parting-gift: Erik Wildeman Films’s Castlefest 2017 – Official aftermovie “Welcome Home!”

With well over 200K views, it’s fair to say it has gone viral in no time and rightfully so, as it perfectly captures the experience, atmosphere and the all-round embrace of diversity that characterizes the festival.

We still have lots of great festivals planned, but in the back of our minds are already counting down the days until August 2nd 2018… <3

Are you counting down to Castlefest?

I know we are!! With bands like Cuélebre , Kelten zonder Grenzen , Pyrolysis , Emian PaganFolk , Cesair , SeeD Pagan Folk and many more it is set to be an awesome festival.

In just 2 hours, the gates of the festival will open for an evening of really awesome music to kick off the 13th edition of Castlefest.

CeltCast has a nice encampment at the Camping area. The guys have placed a sign at the edge the camp, so it will be recognizable for everybody. You are welcome to drop by and say hello.
Of course those not staying at the camping are most welcome to come to us during the festival. We are happy to chat, hug and answer questions you have.

Of course CeltCast being at Castlefest means livestreams and pictures coming your way. We will be starting tonight.
Tune in tonight if you cannot make it there.

While waiting till the gates open, please enjoy the after-movie from 2016 made by Bastaard and Erik Wildeman Films .


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