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Location: Castlefest – Day 3 (NL) Band/Artist: Drusuna- Ritual Pagan Folk – Part 2

Location: Castlefest – Day 3 (NL) Band/Artist: Drusuna- Ritual Pagan Folk – Part 1

It will be no secret that Castlefest is an international festival.

Not only do the visitors come from all over the world to enjoy these 4 days of fantasy heaven, also the bands come from the far corners of Europe.

Noticeable is a small group of bands from the Iberian Peninsula, two of which are new to Castlefest: Drusuna- Ritual Pagan Folk from Porto, Vael from Madrid and Trobar de Morte from Barcelona (previously at Castlefest in 2015). Not all are well-known bands in these regions but they will bring you a beautiful mix of pagan folk tunes.

Even if you don’t know these bands or are unfamiliar with Pagan Folk, these musicians from the south are worth checking out. We even accept another Iberian invasion in this country, and actually they are allowed to stay for 80 years if they continue making awesome music ?

Check out the Castlefest website for the details on their shows.
(Pic of Drusuna’s Sephirus Oakborn – by Andre Willemse )

Sephirus Oakborn

We’re also gearing up for Castlefest!

Even though we’re still recovering from an amazing Fantasy Forest, we’re also already gearing up for Castlefest !

We will be there dancing to amazing Balfolk sounds. We will be paganfolking our hearts out to Waldkauz , Vael , Drusuna , RASTABAN and more. We will be experiencing the combinations that form Belga Boys and Varend Volk . We will be diving deep into ourselves with the almost meditative music of Cesair and Brisinga , and we will be partying untill we fall over with bands like Euzen , Sunfire , The SIDH , Pyrolysis , La Horde , Harmony Glen and so many more! This just might be the last festival we ever visit, as we’re not actually sure how to survive all of this yet, but we’ll give it a valliant effort 😉

But also, let’s not forget that we will be presenting several parts of the Castlefest Academy, two of which have already been published, one about festival organisation and one about Pagan Folk, which will all be massively interesting to see, but will also include you, as you can ask all your questions as well!

We hope to see you all at Castlefest, for hugs, talks and dances! And should we meet, know that with our new banner also come new badges, dedicated to Castlefest. As usual these were designed by our own Rosanne and this time they incorporate TWOIA, the faerie known as The Wonder Of It All. We will give them away to those of you we meet at the festival and exchange a hug or a smile. If you want your own personal badge to add to your collection, or start a collection with, be quick about it as we only have a very limited amount to give away!

Castlefest Banner


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