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A new album and playing at Fantasy Forest!

Sweet, upbeat, happy, and fun are just a few words to describe the speed folk music made by PerKelt .

And it is not only the music that fits this description. Many of you will have seen them on stages all over England, at Castlefest or on stages all over Europe and know that these four musicians are fun, happy and passionate. Just look at the constant smile David has during every show and you’ll know what we talk about.

Over the last few years Paya , Štěpán , David and recently Duncan have become dear friends to the CeltCast team and we share many happy hugs and memories.This is why we are looking forward to be meeting up with them at Fantasy Forest in less then two weeks time!

Another reason we are looking forward to seeing these cool people is because they just release a new album ‘Air & Fire’, and we wants it!! we needs it!!! We want to get our hands on a copy of that album and listen to the new songs. As a Team we are very curious to hear this new work and see how the familiar sound of Perkelt has evolved. Especially as our Cliff, who has already heard it, can’t stop talking how surprised he is. And how cool the changes are!!! Just as curious??

https://celtcast.com/perkelt-air-and-fire-2019-review/ ‎

Cover PerKelt CD Air And Fire

We are taking a step back to the year 2016, Perkelt at Castlefest

This throwback Thursday we are taking a step back to the year 2016 when PerKelt played at Castlefest for the first time. Perkelt plays Celtic Medieval Speed Folk. And when they say “Speed” they mean fast, really fast!!! It is impressive. The energy this band shows is almost unrivalled.

Besides being awesome musicians they are also very sweet and so kind! From the big smiling David , the humbly laughing Štěpán to the ever lovely Paya , it is clear that they really enjoy being on stage and at festivals.

It is really awesome to see them back again this year at Castlefest. Come dance with us to their tunes on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Pics by Kees Stravers


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