Cover: Christina Alden & Alex Patterson-Hunter

🎶💿 New Monthly Marker and Daily Disc 🎶💿Christina Alden & Alex PattersonHunter (2021) UK

Before I tell you more about this beautiful album, I would like to announce our new Monthly Marker of December! It’s “The Fox Song” of this talented duo from Norwich. We will play this song five to six times a day for the whole month! 🦊

Christina and Alex made this atmospheric album during the lockdowns of ’20/’21 at their own home. The album cover and booklet have a beautiful design, made by Christina herself! Instead of listing the lyrics in full, the booklet contains descriptions of the backstories of the songs. I really like this and feel it fits the warm atmosphere of the album. It is one to enjoy in peace, dreaming away listening to the beautiful arrangements. Songs about life, forest, nature, wildlife and friendship. And, I also love Christina’s warm voice.

So, the only advice to give is: please listen to the welcoming sounds of this album, and enjoy! 😍

Musical greetings, Ilona

You can find Christina and Alex here: