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Start of Festival Fantasía Epica Avalon Summer Faerie Fest 2017!

Ususally when I go to a festival I get up quite early, so I won’t miss anything. Today was a little different, I had to get up even earlier, because today was the day I flew to Spain for Festival Fantasía Epica Avalon Summer Faerie Fest 2017 ! A drive to the airport, a heart throbbing shuttle transfer from parking to departures, and then into the plane! As fast as the shuttle driver was, I think the pilot wanted to beat him, because we arrived 20 minutes early in Madrid! Here I was greeted by the lovely Cristree , Alex and Yhandros , and together we set out for Belmonte, the town with the beautiful castle where the festival will be held.
When we arrived we found out exactly what the airconditioning in the car was doing. Opening the doors to the car unleashed some serious heat! But all that faded quickly when we entered the rooms the organisation had reserved for us! Beautiful, luxurious rooms, with everything we could wish for and more! So we quickly settled in, had a nice lunch and then, well, they say “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” so when in Spain…you close the curtains and have yourself a nice siesta!
After this more members of Cuélebre and their support arrived, and we went to the festival grounds for some reconnaicance and a soundcheck! The first thing you notice when approaching Castillo de Belmonte is “Wow! What an amazing castle!” To be honest, this is also the second thing you notice when you take a walk through it. Just awesome! As I am writing this the soundcheck is in full swing and it’s looking to be a brilliant evening! So the last thing I really want to say is: stay tuned! We will keep you updated, and maybe, if things work out, there might actually already be some streaming tonight!

Festive greetings,

Castle Spain

Coming Festivals!

The week has only just begun, but we are looking toward the near future again! Next weekend will see a lot of CeltCast travelling, and of course streaming! Alex and Marielle will head up North in the Netherlands to a weekend full of music at Rapalje’s Zomerfolk Festival , with loads and loads of music. They will see for example Harmony Glen , PerKelt , The Dublin Legends and of course Rapalje Celtic Folk Music ! But that’s not all, there will be much, much more to see!

And in a first ever split effort Arjan will be flying to Spain to visit Festival Fantasía Epica Avalon Summer Faerie Fest 2017 at the very beautiful Castillo de Belmonte , where the music will be provided by not only our friends of Cuélebre and SeeD Pagan Folk , but also others like An Danzza and even CORVUS CORAX !

So all in all it will be a very busy and festive weekend, and if you can’t make it to either festival we strongly recommend you keep a close eye on our Facebook page, as we will be streaming as much as possible!

Avalon, Celtcast and Zomerfolk


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