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Last weekend while a few of us were attentending Fantasy Fest RijswijkWaldkauz celebrated their 5th anniversary!
They threw a big party with SeeD Pagan Folk and Brisinga . Those who were there informed us that it was an amazing evening and the bands were in fine shape! Which made us, very jealous and sad that we weren’t able to make the journey.
Still, we wish Waldkauz a very happy birthday, we are sure you celebrated in style! And we wish you many more amazing music filled years!

With love,
The CeltCast Crew

Pics by Cliff de Booy Concert Photography and Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography

Castlefest Winter Edition 2017 – Official is exactly as it sounds.

It is the absolute fest of love, music, brilliant, friends and hugs. Just like the summer version of Castlefest .

The only difference is the weather. It is cold, it can rain, it can snow, but the warmth you get from being at Castlefest again is enough to keep you going.

Yesterday the CeltCast team had an amazing time. We started the day with a Balfolk dance class, followed by performances of Brisinga , twibv , Sunfire , Maya Fridman , Shireen , Sowulo , RASTABAN and closing with The Dolmen .

Needless to say, it was an amazing day!!!
Now we prepare for another day of love, friendship and good music at Castlefest Winter Edition.

Winter Castlefest – Brisinga Part 2

Winter Castlefest – Brisinga Part 1

Brisinga – Part 2


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