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Happy birthday Helen!

Some of our team you see at every festival, some are more the people behind the scenes. Our Helen is actually a bit of both!

As a part of our stream-team she helps out when we have too few hands to bring you all streams from the festivals.
However Helen’s work doesn’t stop there, this awesome lady is also responsible for keeping our website up to date and beautifully maintained!

So join us in wishing this essential member of our team a very happy and blessed birthday!!!


Birthday – 5 year, with Jessica Versluis on harp!

Happy birthday Diane!

If you have ever enjoyed any of our album reviews you have enjoyed the work of our in-house linguist! You see, while Cliff writes the reviews, it is Diane that polishes them to the final gems that they are! And today we celebrate Diane’s latest circle around the sun, or as the muggles call it, her birthday!

Please join us in this celebration, and wish her all the best. Oh, and if you want, we are very open to receiving videos of you singing happy birthday to her in any language, because with her background of travelling the world we are convinced she understands all languages anyway!

“Er is er één jarig, hoera, hoera!
Dat kun je wel zien dat ben jij!”


Happy Birthday Wolfgang!

Today we celebrate the birthday of our friend and photographer Wolfgang Schmitt !

He travels to many festivals and concerts on this beautiful planet and we were lucky enough to meet up with him at last year’s Festival-Mediaval in Selb. Meanwhile, the earth has spun another lap around the sun, so we raise the glass to him again!

Many happy returns, Wolfgang!

Check out his repository of pictures at Spiegelwelten Photography !

Wolfgang Schmitt

Happy birthday… to us!! :-D + Give-Away!

Four years ago today, CeltCast went live for the first time and tonight we celebrate with some music, cake (or was it pie? 🙂 ) and a 4-part Give-Away:
Pyrolysis – Edges of the Day
Cesair – Omphalos
Irfan – The Eternal Return
Harmony Glen – Start Living Today

Tell us in the comments below how you got to know of CeltCast and then tag a friend who should get to know about us. Two weeks from now on November 7th at 18:00h CET, this competition will end after which we’ll draw a lucky winner of this 4-part give-away.


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