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Enter: Iris!

20150613-001 - Intro Iris Lately we have been introducing new members of the CeltCast team. Well, we have one more introduction for you!

Enter: Iris Snel!

We’ve noticed at festivals and concerts that some bands have amazing merchandise to sell, but no one to help them sell it. They have to quickly talk to people while clearing the stage for the next band and therefore can’t really give anything or anyone the time they deserve. That’s where Iris comes in. As our merchbabe she will focus on helping bands sell their merchandise so that the bands can do what bands do. Interact with fans. 🙂

Head on over to her bio page to find out who Iris is and why she does what she does, and if you’re a band or artist and would like her help, give us a heads up!

Kees’ special bio!

CeltCast is very pleased to announce that we have another addition to the team!
Kees (intro) If you haven’t seen the man himself, we’re sure you have at least seen his work.

Ladies and gentlemen, our very own photographer,
also known as photographer of the stars:

Kees Stravers!

We have been using a lot of Kees’ pictures for reports and cover photo’s, and he is a very familiar face at festivals throughout the Netherlands and Germany. He is close to Omnia, and had recently released some amazing shoots of FAUN and Wardruna, among many many more.

We would suggest that you go and follow him on Facebook to stay up to date, and if you want to know all about how Kees came to be, do read his bio.


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