Cover: Basia Bartz-A Girl At Dusk

📀Basia BartzA Girl at Dusk📀

A new month, a new monthly marker!

You may have already heard it streaming on the station (because yes, we’re a day late in announcing 😊 ) and we hope it has caught your ear as it did ours.

With a slow, almost timid opening of this rendition of an old Polish folk song, Basia draws you into a mystical world. But stay alert, as just before the first-minute mark she unpacks this track with an energy reminiscent of Martine Kraft Music! Where the remaining three minutes go I cannot tell, because I only come back to reality when my index finger tries to find the ‘replay’ button on my phone.

To go with the unmistakable emotion that permeates through the song, she explains its meaning as follows: “The song is a tribute to all those who have to work beyond their ability, often without any recognition or understanding for the difficulties they face, and the strength they must possess to persevere, despite their own exhaustion.”

Basia debuting this way with a solo project promises many more pieces of art awaiting us in the -let’s hope not too distant- future. At CeltCast we can hardly wait how she will progress, building of course on her many years of experience playing the violin in a myriad of bands.

Thank you, Duncan Menzies (of PerKelt) for bringing her music to our attention. Thank you, Ben Walker for your support in this endeavor. And most of all: thank you, Basia for your courage, creativity, and deliverance. You turned a traditional into an instant classic!

And to our listeners, please enjoy ‘A Girl at Dusk’ which we will happily play for you 5 to 6 times a day in the month of September.

– Alex 🎻

You can find Basia Bartz here: