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What an amazing weekend we had at Celtic Night Geluwe!

This small Belgium festival was held for the 10th and sadly the last time. To make this Farewell edition of the festival extra special the organisation invited all these band who they had before at the festival or had a special connection with.

Needlessly to say, with bands like Cuélebre , Emian PaganFolk , IN VINO VERITAS , Omnia , PerKelt , The Midnight , Acus Vacuum , Celtic Attitude and Prima Nocta on the menu, it would be an amazing edition.

Besides the amazing music there were shows, a Mabon Fire, Jam sessions but best of all was to be there amongst friends and celebrate this amazing loving festival.

We did many live streams there in the hope to share a little bit of this, browse our page to revisit the video’s.

To make sure you catch as much of this festival as possible we are sharing a handful of pictures as well. These were shot by Marielle’s Concert and Event Photography . Full albums will be on this site later this week.

For CeltCast this was about the last outdoor Festival of 2017. Soon we will move to concerts and Festivals inside. We have many exciting things coming up. All this excitement starts with inviting SeeD Pagan Folk into our living room for an evening of fun, interviews and music – SeeD in the livingroom @CeltCast

Celtic Night Geluwe – Acus Vacuum

Celtic Night Geluwe in a few weeks!

Celtic Night Geluwe

We are slowly recovering from our post- Castlefest crash, but what really helps is knowing that we will meet so many of our folky friends again in a few weeks time at the Celtic Night Geluwe festival!

With an incredible line up, featuring PerKelt , Cuélebre , The Midnight , Selfish Murphy , IN VINO VERITAS , Emian PaganFolk , Prima Nocta , Acus Vacuum and Omnia , we are very certain that this will be another memorable event! Unfortunately it will have to be, as this will be the last Celtic Night Geluwe. So do yourself a favour and come join us for a dance, a hug and a drink in Belgium! 😀


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