Morning rituals, everybody has them. In my case I start with a shower, make myself a cup of coffee, get all comfy under a blanket on the couch, and spend a peaceful hour waking up, listening to one or another review album before the hassle of the day finally arrives and I have to go of to work.
These last weeks I could have spared myself the effort of making coffee, Sing, Ye Bastards!, the latest album of Bavarian band Tir Nan Og was quite enough to get me awake. Wide awake to be perfectly honest.
The fun fast folk-rock, full of energy, full of surprises, was quite enough to get me dancing in the living room way before it is legally allowed, making me lord of the tiptoe, just to make sure I wasn’t upsetting the neighbours at 06:00 AM. This band is something! Who needs a cup of coffee if they have this on their ears!
Getting interested? follow the link and read all about this triple dose of cafeïne disguised as a folk band. You’ll be in for a good time, no matter if you listen to it in the morning, during the afternoon, or at midnight. This band rocks at any time of the day! – Cliff