Those who follow our Instagram know that recently the team has gotten together to brainstorm about the future of CeltCast.

We realised during this session that over the past 4 years we have grown from a small radio station for all things acoustic folk to something much more diverse. We decided that to be able to better communicate this we needed to let go of our old naming “CeltCast Community Radio” and change it to simply “CeltCast”

This change won’t affect any of you. CeltCast will still be the radio station you know, we will still be at the festivals doing all the livestreams, we will still share pictures of concerts and we will still bring you special interviews and news from bands. We are however ever growing and expanding, and this change in the name will reflect just that.

The only real thing that will change for now is our logo. We are definately keeping the logo that was designed for us by Robin (Tovenaar) , but it has been slightly adapted by our Rosanne ! The obvious change is the dropping of the “Community Radio” part, but a close inspection will show you that to symbolise our growth over the past four years as well as our expansions in the future, our base lyre has sprouted a new branch and a few leaves. We are happy to use this new logo from now on and invite you all to continue to grow along with us!