It’s midweek, and for the CeltCast team, that means review day. We have a whole row of cool album’s that we can introduce to you in the coming months and we will be doing that every Wednesday. So keep your eye out for that!

We start the series with an album that is a bit older, but we only discovered last summer, just before the review team’s summer break. The band is called Drowsy Maggie and comes from Düsseldorf, Germany. The CD is called Nú Trad. I can tell you that it’s a lovely album for those who like their Irish folk with a bit of a twist and for those who like their music to be fun and cheerful.

We have another bit of news we are proud to share. With the many CDs that need reviewing the editor team became a bit too small. So we have found to lovely ladies who were willing to join the review team and try to translate Cliff’s English into proper readable English (Yes there is a difference 🙂 ) Today we can introduce one of those two new team members. Gwendolyn Snowdon welcome to the team. Thanks for giving a bit of your time to us.

And now for the result of that teamwork, here is the review of Nú Trad, by Drowsy Maggie!