This next live event we are going to do things a little differently! Instead of inviting the artists over to our HQ, CeltCast is going deep into the kitchen of The Royal Spuds and find out how they are cooking up their Folk Punk Mashed Potatoes!

With the release of their new single “A man” on the 1st of March, The Royal Spuds have cooked up something with a twist. Never heard before from these guys, “A man” is almost completely acoustic. Therefore, it is something very unique in the normally hard and fast sound of the Spuds. Of course, CeltCast wants to know how they came up with this new song!

Actually, we want to know a lot more about The Royal Spuds than just how they created ‘A man’! During this event we ask the skin off the potato, so to say! And you are welcome to join in! Send us your questions for these 6 awesome guys and we will try to get the answers!

Join in on the livestream on the 8th of March to find out if they are willing to bare it all and maybe even play a tune or two.

The Royal Spuds