Iona Fyfe: Away From My Window Review

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of fresh Scottish folk talent. Acts like GNOSS, Mànran, Hò-rò, Maeve MacKinnon, or Talisk are proof that the Scottish folk scene is as vibrant as it has ever been. Another star, starting to shine high and bright in the Scottish folk sky, is Iona Fyfe. Since 2015 this talented singer has been building up an impressive musical catalog. With this review, we are going to introduce her music for the first time, but it will not be the last, I can assure you that!
Away From My Window, Iona’s first full-length album, is a treat! From the very first note to the very last. A must-have album for every folk fan. Want to know why? Just follow the link and find out!

– Cliff

Year One; the lovely debut album of Angelika Abend.

‘- I received something really special! A CD, a real handwritten letter, and dried lavender. The energy splashed off this present that I received a few days ago in the mail.’
With this post by Jyoti Verhoeff on Facebook a lovely journey started. The lady sending this present was Angelika Abend , and she just published her debut album Year One under the name Ivy Leaves.
Just as Jyoti’s album The Sky Of You, this album came at exactly the right moment. I hád to write about Angelika’s debut. I wanted, no HAD to tell about it! I had to share my enthusiasm about what I was hearing! I just loved it instantly. Listening to the album and talking with Angelika about her music; I was reminded why I actually started writing reviews.

At CeltCast we hear quite a lot of music, most of it beautiful, all of it made with a lot of love and passion. It’s a true blessing that I am allowed to share all this beautiful music with you. That I am able to tell about the new albums of the big bands, but even more special that I can acquaintance you all with music from lesser-known artists. Musicians with talent, with passion, that would normally disappear in the big pile of releases.

Our scene may be a small scene, but it is one filled with talent, with free spirits and open-minded, caring people, fans and artists alike. Being allowed to be a part of this scene is huge blessing. Being able to help (young) artists find an audience is an even bigger gift!
Listening to Year One, writing the review for it and then talking with Angelika about her music, her heart and soul made me realise that again. And THAT is the gift Angelika gave me. Thank you, Angelika, for that. And now let’s get that link to the review out. I give you : Year One



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