When we started CeltCast, our roots were in the pagan folk scene, but quickly we discovered how diverse and beautiful the European folk scene is. In the last two reviews, we explored the talent-filled and vibrant Scottish folk scene, now we turn our attention to the smaller but equally vibrant Danish folk scene. Over the years we made many friends in that scene. One very dear to our heart is Mia Guldhammer and we are happy to introduce her latest musical project to you all. Not only because we love Mia, but also because Tral, Tråd & Traditioner is a fun, good mood album, the lilting in it addictive as…well..folk (!?), and because Morten Alfred Høirup a vocal revelation for those who don’t know him.
So without further ado we give you: the review of Tral, Tråd & Traditioner.