A couple of weeks ago the CeltCast team saw the Folk Rock band Koenix from Switserland at Festival Mediavall Selb (DE). Next weekend they will play at Elfia Arcen 2019 (NL) !!

CeltCast has four of their beautiful albums with songs we will play at our new radioserver later on this year! The designs of the CD’s are beautiful too! If you like to dance and have a really happy, jumping and diverse night, it’s a good idea to visit them at Elfia and… have a look at their merchstand and have a nice chat like we did!

We made a couple of livestreams at Selb; you can see them below:

Gigs at Elfia Arcen:
Saturday 20:30-22:00, Elfia Stage
Sunday 17:30-19:00, Elfia Stage


Koenix CD's