It’s the 1st of July which means two brand new Monthly Markers for this month!

Band no. 1: Naragonia (B)
Song: Naya / Castor – Live (from their 20th anniversary album)

Band no. 2: Old Blind Dogs (GB-SCO)
Song: Highland Lassie, Pt 2: Nigel Richard Of Pathhead/Lupin Drive

We’ll play these songs 5 to 6 times a day for a full month on our radio station and of course, they will be in our special CeltCast – Monthly Markers Spotify list! Hopefully, you will love these beautiful songs as much as our team!

Like every Monthly Marker, these songs have the chance to win a CeltCast Fantasy Award during our show in March for ‘Best Monthly Marker’!

Musical Greetings,
The CeltCast Radio Team 🎻

You can find Naragonia here:

You can find Old Blind Dogs here: